Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our Song by our own Carole Weaver!!!

Cyber Club song....

the tune is Tie a Yellow Ribbon round the old oak tree....

We're comin' to town, We've done our time
Now we got to know what does and doesn't chime
You've received our letter telling you we'd soon be there
Then you'll know just what to do...
If you still want us,
If you still want us,

Whoa, put a yellow flower 'round the Cyber members
It's been three long months
And we still need you
If you don't see a flower 'round new Cyber members
We'll stay on the net
Making our plea
Put the blame on me...
If we don't see more yellow flowers round more Cyber members...

Carole Weaver
Sept 2009

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dues due and other bits

It is time for dues again. We kept our dues at $25, but as you know, most of that is really dues. We have $2 left over for donations. That's ok, we're not loosing money!

Have you each signed up for the GFWC Florida News, Updates, and Information? It can be done on the website or let me know and I'll do it for you. It will be used more and more as we let you know what we've added to our website. Have you seen our new color layout! It is modern and crisp and streamlined. It is what is called "minimalist!" Did you know there is a fashion to websites!

See if you know any one who may like to join us. It is a good way to stay in touch with federation if you can't get out as much as you used to. I know!!!

If anyone goes to Southern Region this year, I hope you will let us hear from you. It is one of my favorite federation meetings. We can post your review here.

Monday, April 29, 2013

How you can join

We have lots of new folks around on our Facebook page, maybe some would like to join us.

Our dues are $25 per year, at least for now they are! You can make payments right here on the blog via paypal.

We share information about GFWC and GFWC FL within our group.

We are participating in and our president has done this program for four years. The students are 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders and they are great! Check out their website to learn more.

If you have more ideas, share them with us. We'd love to hear from you!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 spring convention

The big news was the federation voted a $3 dues increase beginning in 2014. This will assist our federation in maintaining a presence we all want.

We learned of a new Library project where clubs who started libraries in their community will document the facts and federation will produce a booklet (one per club) with all the ones who submitted. I hope all clubs who have this in their history will take part. This is a very interesting piece of history!

Many new ideas were shared, check the state website and see what's happening!

Are you going to International convention? Sounds like a great time to be had and all those members from all over! It is always fun to talk to them.

Our Cyber Florida club dues will remain as is and for 2014 we'll make our State President and Director of Junior Clubs into honorary members instead of complimentary paid members.

Our club has also signed up for the GFWC News and Notes so that will be forwarded to everyone.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Invitation for you!

Some updates

Note that on the right, there is a box for your email address. By filling that out, you will be notified whenever an update is made to this site! That's easy! You can comment on any posts, chose your profile from your gmail account or the Name/URL before you leave the post. If we get all signed up this way, this is a great way to communicate!

Look further down the right to the section named Pages. There are some permanent information pages of interest, particularly the Dues & Membership page when you can pay your dues with PayPasl. 

Also, read the Projects & Ideas page for things we are working on. The wonderful suggestion from Claire Portmann has been added about their Resource Center. Maybe there is such a place where you live, I've heard of school collecting various of those items at times, but the idea that someone has the space to collect them all the time for teachers to select what they need is wonderful! It has a link to their website too.

Notices will be going out to members who have not paid dues. We're really trying to get them in before December 1 to give our treasurer Trudy time to send the club dues to headquarters before Christmas. PayPal makes it so easy to do it now!

Around the first of the year we'll start a fundraiser with our donated necklaces. Suggest some projects you'd like to support, the Presidents Scholarship ( ) is suggestion. I'm sure there are others.

Thanks to the generosity of members, we welcome Dara Beth Bergdoll GFWC FL Director of Junior Clubs and Pat Zazzarino GFWC FL President to our membership. Hopefully they will find time to send us a post from time to time on how their plans are shaping up. Maybe they have some ideas of how we can help from the cyber world!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Finally, we're here!

Decided to try using a blog as a way for all of you to communicate with us. Will add some pages of standard info along with the ability to use PayPal for dues and contributions.

At the end of a post (this is a post) you can add comments (at first it will say No comments, and as you add them, it will say N (the number of them) Comments.) By clicking on the comments, it will open them up.

Because of secutity (Blogger, not me) you have to chose a profile to finish. If you have a Gmail account, use that as your profile, or use any that you have that you see listed, OR, just chose Anonymous but be sure to sign you name.