Monday, November 5, 2012

Finally, we're here!

Decided to try using a blog as a way for all of you to communicate with us. Will add some pages of standard info along with the ability to use PayPal for dues and contributions.

At the end of a post (this is a post) you can add comments (at first it will say No comments, and as you add them, it will say N (the number of them) Comments.) By clicking on the comments, it will open them up.

Because of secutity (Blogger, not me) you have to chose a profile to finish. If you have a Gmail account, use that as your profile, or use any that you have that you see listed, OR, just chose Anonymous but be sure to sign you name.


  1. When selecting a profile for your post, you can also just select the Name/URL and enter your name, that's it. Give it a try, its easy to comment once you see how simple it is!

  2. Nice job, Sara. I look forward to more interaction with everyone.

  3. Absolutely love it Sara. You are amazing! Thanks for all you do for Federation and for me.

  4. This is wonderful Sara! I'm looking forward to staying in touch with everyone. ~Shannon